About us 2

About us 2


The unequal treatment between men and women,the perpetuating committing of crimes against women such as abuse, violence of any kind (verbal, psychological, economic and or physical) the occurrence of sexist behavior and use of sexist language against women is a worldwide pandemic that proliferates whilst the inappropriate and sexist statements made around the above issues perpetuate their problematic nature. 

One article brought the other and so this site was created to bring awareness and inform of the women’s rights, the practices as imposed under national and European legislation and case law and generally to support and inform every woman with regards to her rights which she must claim. The contributor to this page is a practicing advocate since 2013. 

The articles consist of selected social and legal topics concerning women with elements of self-knowledge, self-confidence and empowerment.  


This page was created to bring awareness as to the rights of women, and to raise concern where possible regarding practices against women followed by public and private authorities.

FTW (=For the women) aims to:

  • inform women of their rights;
  • inform professional women regarding matters of concern to them; 
  • promote women in every field and aspect of society;
  • identify behaviors which are evidently infringing women’s rights.  ​

Our mission

  • to inform the general public through national, European legislation,  international case law, statistics and social research of women’s rights;
  • name stereotypes, sexist statements and behaviors committed because of one’s gender;
  • to put forward the barriers and difficulties women face because they are women;
  • to promote change in stereotyped beliefs and practices based on the idea of inferiority of women to men or on the stereotyped roles of women

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