Stories FTW

Stories FTW

This story is yet another important story aiming to share the work and personal experience of a young, female engineer from Limassol, Cyprus. While reading, we came across the figures released by the UN in 2021 according to which “the number of women employed in the international space industry represents just 20-22 percent of the workforce; roughly the same […]

With misinformation on the rise, the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the visible fourth industrial revolution  (4.0), the exchange of precise  and accurate scientific information is more important than ever. In light of the above, and of the absence of science and technology communicators in Cyprus, we spoke with Ioanna Eleftheriou, another scientist, who is […]

We’re really excited to be here with Dr. Georgia Kouyialis, a millennial woman in technology (tech) who has graduated from UCL in Mathematics and from Imperial College of London with PhD in Computer Science. Georgia has been working in the tech industry the past few years. Lets dive right into it. Talk to us a […]

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