We are delighted to share this interview with Kristina Cernakevica the co-founder of the first zero-waste grocery shop in Cyprus ∙ the agnό zero waste grocery based in Limassol.  In this interview, Kristina shares the inspiration behind the creation and concept of their shop and the challenges of her mission to fight food waste/consumption. Kristina […]

This story is yet another important story aiming to share the work and personal experience of a young, female engineer from Limassol, Cyprus. While reading, we came across the figures released by the UN in 2021 according to which “the number of women employed in the international space industry represents just 20-22 percent of the workforce; roughly the same […]

A lot of people hearing the phrase “violence against women” tend to think physical or verbal abuse’ committed behind closed doors (some do not even think of psychological or economic abuse) and definitely not violence committed by a person(s) hiding behind a screen, which can take place in different forms through digital and creative means. Women […]

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Γνώρισε τα δικαιώματα σου ως προς την ίση μεταχείριση ανεξαρτήτως φύλου και για μια ζωή ελεύθερη από κάθε είδους βία